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We Put An Alnico Gold Speaker In Our Princeton Reverb

The ’64 Princeton Reverb Re-Issue from Fender is probably the highest end current production Princeton you can get. It is a hand-wired re-creation of a ’64 Princeton Reverb. Stock these amps come with a Jenson P10R speaker. This is actually the speaker many people upgrade their Princeton’s with. But we wanted to see how it sounds with a Celestion Alnico Gold.

To our ears, the gold sounds a bit warmer and rounder, with a little more chime in the top end. The Jenson has a distinctly ‘Fender’ sound – bright and bold and a little scooped in the midrange.

With overdrive, you can really hear some differences in the speakers. The gold stays more smooth and refined, while the Jenson has some really nice hair on the top end.

Which one do you prefer!

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